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Apply for the NCI Early Investigator Advancement Program 

The Early Investigator Advancement Program (EIAP) will accept applications from October 1 – November 1, 2022 for its second cohort of EIAP Scholars. With the support of the Equity Council, NCI launched EIAP in late 2021 to facilitate the advancement of scientists from diverse backgrounds to become independent investigators. Each year, EIAP supports the professional and career development of a cohort of eligible…



NIH launched the Long COVID Computational Challenge, which will award up to $500k in support of data-driven solutions that help us understand the risks of developing the condition. The primary objective of the Long COVID Computational Challenge (L3C) is to focus on the prognostic problem by developing AI/ML models and algorithms that serve as open-source tools for using structured medical records to identify which patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 have a high likelihood of developing PASC/Long…



The First ECICC Community MicroLab on Cancer Challenges and Advanced Computing was held on June 11, 2019!

  • What is a MicroLab? MicroLabs are 60-90 minute, highly interactive, virtual events. Unlike webinars which are focused on disseminating information, the purpose of µLabs is to facilitate stimulating scientific discussions in smaller more intimate virtual breakout groups.

  • A multi-disciplinary group of over 200 scientists participated in our first virtual, ECICC Community MicroLab on June 11, 2019!

  • The MicroLab focused on the four cancer challenge areas developed by attendees of the Envisioning Computational Innovations for Cancer Challenges (ECICC) Scoping Meeting held in March 2019.

  • Download MicroLab Recording 


NOW AVAILABLE! Breakout Discussion Notes (VIEW)

  •  Review notes from all of the breakout groups and add your ideas, comments, suggestions, and recommendations.

  • Add your voice and your ideas to help develop NEW, compelling questions and help shape the vision for the future!

    • To add comments: click on the chat icon at the top right of the Google Doc, or simply scroll along the right margin of any page and click on the ‘Add a Comment’ icon.
    • No need to click save! Google Docs saves everything automatically.


MicroLab Presentations 


Additional Information:


If you are interested in learning more -- or joining -- our multidisciplinary community, please contact 

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