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Download the presentations from the September MicroLab on Cancer Challenges and Advanced Computing. 

The Envisioning Computational Innovations for Cancer Challenges (ECICC) Community is dedicated to accelerating computational oncology and developing research collaborations across cancer and computational sciences. We invite you to join us!

The ECICC Community arises from a collaborative program between the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Department of Energy (DOE), Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer (JDACS4C) to simultaneously accelerate advances in precision oncology and computing.

In March 2019, we held a multi-disciplinary, highly interactive Scoping Meeting at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Livermore Valley Open Campus. Cancer, data, and computational scientists from all career stages worked collaboratively to identify cancer challenge areas that push the limits of current cancer research computational practices and compel the development of innovative computational technologies. 

Building on the cancer challenges identified at the Scoping Meeting, we are holding a series of virtual interactive MicroLabs on Cancer Challenges and Advanced Computing to continue the discussions:

  • 1st MicroLab, June 2019: See information about our 1st MicroLab

  • The 2nd MicroLab was held on September 25, 2019, 3:00 – 4:30 pm ET.  Based on the breakout discussions from the first MicroLab, participants developed use cases and identified critical next steps to shape future research in computational oncology! Read more about it! 

If you are interested in learning more or joining this multi-disciplinary community, please contact ECICCcommunity@nih.gov.

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