The definition of electorphoresis is the migration of a particle in an electric field, but it is common practice to use gel electrophoresis to separate biochemical and macromolecules. Where there is zeta potential to characterize particles, there is a net charge characterizing the functional groups found in biomolecules.Often, the nominally different analytical techniques have a common detection system, e.g. light scattering, that does not differentiate between particles and molecules.

Detail of pilot project stages

The “zeta potential” pilot project will first examine the concept’s use from life sciences through to environmental engineering with particular attention paid to analytical techniques.This will be done by polling and other outreach efforts.

A second stage will then examine the intended purpose within each field (separation, identification, characterization) including experimental challenges in sample preparation, reproducibility, reference materials, and needed metadata.

The final stage will be to address likely mis-interpretations or over-interpretations when integrating data across those same scientific fields.

Likely outcomes are identifying the critical issues that lead to best practices in taking data, reporting metadata, selecting reference materials and controls when utilizing ISA-TAB-nano .