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About the Group

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The National Cancer Informatics Program (NCIP) NanoWG has undertaken a project to develop a shared vision for curation of nanoscale material and system data (nano curation). A series of consensus papers on nano curation sub-topics of interest is being developed communally for publication via the NCIP NanoWG Hub, in order to:

• Capture a snapshot of current curation practices and concerns, and

• Develop recommendations for moving the nanoinformatics community toward increasingly standardized curation practices.

This page is the online hub for the Nanomaterial Data Curation Initiative; joining this group allows you to follow the initiative as a whole.  You will need to create a NCIP Hub account to request access to the Nanomaterial Data Curation Initiative Group. You can individually join each curation paper project that interests you by entering you name and e-mail in the author and community liaison contact spreadsheet  stored in the project folder. (Click on "projects" tab on the left panel, select a project, open "files" folder.)


  • The Nanomaterial Data Curation Initiative: A collaborative approach to assessing, evaluating, and advancing the state of the field. Link 
  • Nanocuration workflows: Establishing best practices for identifying, inputting, and sharing data to inform decisions on nano materials. Link 
  • How should the completeness and quality of curated nanomaterial data be evaluated? Link
  • Integration among databases and data sets to support productive nanotechnology: Challenges and recommendations Link


More information about this initiative and guidelines for writing papers:


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