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Justin Kirby

Allow bulk download of files

It is extremely tedious to download all of the content in the “Files” section of a project using the web interface if the data is broken up into many sub-directories. Ideally I should be able to click a “select all” option at the top level directory and then click “download” to grab all content from any sub-directories I have selected.

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  1. Lisa Mahoney


    Thank you for submitting a wish to NCIP Hub. This wish has been forwarded to the HUBzero open source development team for consideration. There is currently no timeline for completion of Hubzero's review nor a guarantee that the Hubzero team will accept the wish, however this wish will be updated when a status update has been received. If you have questions, please leave a comment for the NCIP Hub administrators.

    Thank you,

    NCIP Hub Administrators

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  2. Simon Craddock Lee

    It's been three years, and the resources and other uploaded materials have vastly increased. Can we please revisit the priority function for doing folder-level downloading?

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