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Tulika Singh

Email settings per Discussion thread


On my group there are many different types of people with different expertise, and the reason they are all in the same group is that they have to eventually work together to control cancer. However this means that each individual only wants to tracks activities related to their area of expertise. The hub currently sends one email per comment in every discussion, and this can be overwhelming to my new users and ultimately diminish the value of the platform if they are being inundated with a bunch of irrelevant emails a day. Also many of our members are high level directors and leaders of their programs, so getting too many emails is a common problem they all face. I would suggest a two fold solutions:

1) users should be able to subscribe to a discussion thread within a group, so they should be able to manage their email settings on a finer level

2) OR there should also be an option of getting a daily or weekly update email. This should not be enforced given that the platform does not automatically refresh the comments page, and I currently rely on email updates to tell me that someone has made a new comment... and if this information only came daily, I would not be able to respond in a timely manner.

I hope this makes sense!

Thank you

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  1. Claire Stirm

    Hi Tulika,

    This option is already available for users. If you navigate to Forum in your group then on the main page there is a section called "Email Settings". There you can click on the link called "Change your settings" and a pop-up will appear with different email notification settings specifically for new Forum posts. This can only be done by each user, so I would suggest announcing this to your group either in a new discussion thread or as announcement. 

    Hope this helps!


    --NCIPhub Support Team


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  2. Tulika Singh

    Hi Claire,

    I had noticed this too but this seems like an all or nothing approach. I would like my users to be able to decide this based on the discussion thread not just for the whole Forum. Because in some threads faculty may want to know about each comment that comes in, but for others they would be fine with weekly update. I apologize for the confusion in my previous description, but could we re-open this wish?

    Thank you!


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  3. Tulika Singh

    Also as I mentioned before, it is hard to go to the daily email option given that the discussion threads do not update live/automatically... and a make shift solution for this has been to keep our emails open on the side and rely on getting an email per post.


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  4. Ishwar Chandramouliswaran

    I believe there have been other requests for being able to subscribe to email notifications from selective discussion threads and agree would be a good feature supporting valid use cases.

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