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Mervi Heiskanen

Automated Notifications about new projects associated with a group

When creating a new project under the ITCR group all the group members are notified. Would it be possible to change the defaults for

the ITCR group so that people don¹t get notified unless they opt in? Often only a subset of people are associated with the individual projects.

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  1. Claire Stirm

    Hi Mervi,
    After investigating it seems that there is no group manager settings that can control this, but the best work around would be for the user to follow these steps if they wish to no longer be notified via email:
    1. Login to NCIPhub
    2. Go to your user dashboard and click on “Messages” in the left hand
    3. Click on “Settings” tab above all of the Hub messages
    4. Locate the settings “You were added or invited to a project” and uncheck the "Email" box 
    Hope this helps as a work-around!
    --NCIPhub Support Team

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