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Katrina Theisz

Option to disable reviews on resources

There should be an option when adding a resource or managing the resources page as a manager, to disable reviews. This is not Yelp. However, the ability to leave comments should be a readily available feature across hub pages. 

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  1. Ishwar Chandramouliswaran

    Resources are organized in categories and each category has a customizable set of tabs/features that can be enabled/disabled, one of them being reviews.  However these operate at the administrative level across the hub. Per my understanding reviews along with other criteria help determine resource ranking which help other users to easily sort and discover the more popular/utilized resources from the rest. 

    The ratings and comments could potentially be de-coupled although it needs to be evaluated. This wish has been forwarded to the HUBzero open source development team for consideration. There is currently no timeline for completion of HUBzero's review nor a guarantee that the HUBzero team will accept the wish, however this wish will be updated when a status update has been received. If you have further questions, please leave a comment for the NCIP Hub administrator.

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  2. Cheryl Munoz

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