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Brandon D. Gallas

Display comments to a note when viewing the note.

I have added a note and a subpage: https://nciphub.org/projects/wsiwgsurvey2015/notes/PathologyInformaticsSubmissions/YukakoYagi/view

I then added a comment to this sub-page. I expected the comment to be seen below the note. However, I couldn't even tell that there was a comment.

When I click on the comment balloons I still don't see the comment. It appears that the comment moved to the root note rather than the sub-page note. Additionally, when I click on the comment, It says, "Article comment pages should not be used by editors as platforms for their personal views." I don't know why NCIPhub is taking this position. If it is my group, I should be in charge of limiting personal views or not.

So, in summry, I wish that I could see comments to notes below the notes when I click on a note. I wish also the comment input box appeared at the bottom of the note and its comments.







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