Computational Fluid Dynamics Round Robin Study /

Computational Round Robin 2 (Pump)

by Prasanna Hariharan



Computational Round Robin #2 was an international effort to assess the state of the art in biomedical computational fluid dynamics. The subject of Interlaboratory Study 2 is a simplified centrifugal blood pump. Shown above is an image of the the pump chamber and rotor. The geometry, CAD files, and flow conditions required to run CFD simulations in this device is provided in the “instructions” link below. We built acrylic versions of these pumps, and performed particle image velocimetry experiments to characterize the flow fields in the pump. We also performed blood damage experiments, as well as pump performance (H-Q) tests. Details of the experimental data is provided in the “Data” link below.

Instructions: This zip file has i) Instructions about the geometry files and flow conditions and ii) CAD geometry of the pump

Data:Here you can find the data for Round Robin (Interlaboratory) Study #2 (Pump)

Publications: All the publications from the working group are listed and can be downloaded here

Acknowledgements: We wish to sincerely thank the following people for participating in Round Robin #2 (Pump). The study could not have been done without their hard work

Citations Using the Pump: Others are building on this work. Here is a list of references by others using the pump Model (that we are aware of as of 03-24-2017). If you have published or presented a study using this model (or know of one not listed below) please let us know.

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