Computational Fluid Dynamics Round Robin Study /

Computational Round Robin #1 (Nozzle)

by Prasanna Hariharan

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Computational Round Robin #1 was an international effort to assess the state of the art in biomedical computational fluid dynamics. We devised a benchmark standard model of a generic medical device, consisting of a nozzle with a conical change in diameter at one end of the throat, and a sudden change at the other end. We asked the CFD community in 2008-2009 to run a set of simulations under given flow conditions. We also performed experimental validations of flow in the nozzle for comparison. This website provides information on the study, the nozzle specifications, the raw data, as well as reports as they are generated. All the data will eventually be provided in this website.

Instructions: Instructions about the geometry files and flow conditions and CAD files can be downloaded here:

Data:Here you can find the data for Round Robin (Interlaboratory) Study #1 (Nozzle)

Publications: All the publications from the working group are listed and can be downloaded here

Acknowledgements: We wish to sincerely thank the following people for participating in Round Robin #1 (nozzle). The study could not have been done without their hard work

Citations Using the Pump: Others are building on this work. Here is a list of references by others using the Nozzle Model (that we are aware of as of 03-15-2017). If you have published or presented a study using this model (or know of one not listed below) please let us know.

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