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Benchmark dataset for validating computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of blood flow through FDA Nozzle and FDA blood pump /

Computational benchmark #1 (Nozzle)

by Prasanna Hariharan



For the first study, a bidirectional nozzle model was created in which the flow diameter changed either suddenly or gradually. Particle image velocimetry measurements were acquired in three laboratories using a Newtonian blood analog fluid which matched the refractive index of the nozzle models. The flow rate was adjusted so that the velocity field and pressure along the model could be measured at Reynolds numbers in the nozzle throat which corresponded to laminar (Re = 500), transitional (Re = 2000), and turbulent flow regimes (Re = 3500, 5000, 6500).

Instructions: Instructions about the geometry files (Figure 1) and flow conditions (Table 1) and CAD files can be downloaded here:

Data:Here you can find the data for Round Robin (Interlaboratory) Study #1 (Nozzle)

Publications: All the publications from the working group are listed and can be downloaded here

Acknowledgements: We wish to sincerely thank the following people for participating in Round Robin #1 (nozzle). The study could not have been done without their hard work

Citations using the benchmarks: Others are building on this work. Here is a list of references by others using the Nozzle Model (that we are aware of as of 12-31-2021). If you have published or presented a study using this model (or know of one not listed below) please let us know.

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