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  1. Pre Analytics

    Pre-Analytics with Amanda Lowe, et al.This page is ready for edits.


  2. Human Annotations - CSV Workflow - Specs

    Link up a level to Human Annotations – CSV WorkflowHere are the specifications for our workflows. The key is to start harmonizing data files and variable names.As we prepare to run data...


  3. COVID-NIH-proposal

    Proposal for a CODID Digital Pathology Repository (COVID-DPR)The current COVID-19 pandemic is already changing the manner in which medicine is practiced, and is impacting the nature of research...


  4. COVID19 Digital Pathology Database

    NIHProposal for a CODID Digital Pathology Repository (COVID-DPR) Link to NIH draft (Stephen Hewitt) The COVID Data Base will be a full share approach, with images and annotation (as needed) as a...


  5. Manuscripts Methods

    Methods Manuscript for the HTT Project Current Draft: V3: HTT_methodsPaper_v3.docx (131 KB, uploaded by Sarah Dudgeon Less than a minute ago) Notes: Please review the first 1.5 pages for the...


  6. Remote Sign Out

    Back to Main Page of Alliance wikiJoe’s draft letter: Version 3: Alliance_version.docx (18 KB, uploaded by S. Joseph Sirintrapun 19 hours ago) Note: Latest versionVersion 2:...


  7. HTTupdate Draft

    Click to get back to HTT updates. Click to the update from 7 February 2020 meeting Update DRAFT Manuscripts & Documentation Platform & API Updates Analog Data Collection Plan Online Data...


  8. This is a subpage test

    Testing out the subpage. Just adding a random image to test that out and see what happens.


  9. Meeting Draft

    Back to Meetings & Minutes page Introductions Introductions of New Steering Committee members Notes from Alliance 2020 Scott Blakely: Scanning was well attended. I have two volunteers to start...


  10. HTTupdate Draft

    Click to get back to HTT updates. Click to the update from 7 February 2020 meeting Update DRAFT Review Alliance Data Collection Analogue Data Collection Plan: Phase I: Assembling sites to host an...


  11. Kragel paper

    Notes on Kragel et al 2019


  12. Meetings 20200304

    Back to Meetings & Minutes page Alliance 2020 – Recap Review Alliance 2020 Day 1 – what principles do we keep for the next meeting? Review BO group progress and deliverables Next...