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  1. Meetings 20191104

    The digital pathology/AI meeting on Nov 4 will be at MDIC Office in Rosslyn (1501 Wilson Blvd, Arlington). Let me know if you need any additional info.Best,Jithesh Veetil, PhD │ Program Director...


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    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


  3. Slides TCGA-20190904

    [Slides Top Node][Link to protocol and readers]Please find below the patients IDs of 20 triple-negative TCGA patients with infiltrating ductal carcinomas.Please note, the naming convention is as...


  4. HTTupdate 20190930

    Click to get back to HTT updates. Click to the update from 16 August 2019 meeting Update for 30 August 2019 HTT goals for August – recap CAP 2019 Statistics Clinical Use Case MDDT IRB Slides...


  5. HTTupdate 20190816

    Click to get back to HTT updates. Click to the update from 02 August 2019 meeting Meeting Cancelled: Friday August 16 Update for 15 August 2019 HTT goals for August HTT Project Planning and Needs...


  6. Meetings 20190808

    Back to top nodeMinutes: allianceStratCom_20190808_v3.docx (23 KB, uploaded by Sarah Dudgeon 1 minute ago)Agenda: review website draft The Alliance will make a stand-alone internal vs. generic...


  7. Meetings 20190822

    Back to top nodeAgenda: Follow-up email to participants of July 18, and other people who have emailed you with interest The body of the alliance Members of the Hub CONTENT: 1) Oct 5th with details...


  8. Meetings 20190905

    Back to top node Agenda Review & Edit: Attendee Invite List (Oct 5) Invitation sent to full list for Oct. 5 meeting Link Oct 5 meeting agenda...


  9. Meetings 20190916

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  10. Meetings 20191005

    Back to top node 5 October – Alliance Visions meeting at the 2019 Pathology Visions Conference in Orlando FL Alliance 2nd e-mail draft Alliance_2nd_e-mail_v11.docx (15 KB, uploaded by Richard Huang...


  11. Main Page

    8 August – Steering Committee Formation First meeting of the Steering Committee. Outlining of duties, assigning of tasks, scheduling of future meetings. 22 August – Collecting Data...