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  1. Manuscript Coauthorship And FDA clearance

    Coauthorship & Clearance Coauthorship criteria Link to Nature Research Policies Significant contribution to formulation of research question or methodology Designed/implemented research;...


  2. Job Announcements

    Multiple Openings in AI/ML Medical Imaging Research 28 July 2020 DIDSR-AI-MLopportunities.pdf (120 KB, uploaded by Brandon D. Gallas 2 minutes ago)


  3. HTTupdate Draft

    Click to get back to HTT updates. Click to the update from 24 July 2020 meeting Update Draft Re-launching data collection Methods Manuscript Abstract for PV 2020 & FDA SCD Research...


  4. Manuscripts Methods Figures

    Back to Main Page Back to Methods Manuscript PageCurrent Version: V2: HTTmethodsManuscript_images_v2.pptx (50 KB, uploaded by Sarah Dudgeon Less than a minute ago)V1.1:...


  5. Test

    This is a test


  6. This is my note

    Hello world


  7. HTTinformed Consent

    Back to the Training Checklist Informed consent Review the informed consent. You’ll sign off on the informed consent on the digital platforms when creating an account.When collecting data in...


  8. HTTtraining Clinical

    Back to the Training Checklist Training documents: The Study: dataCollectionTutorialHTT.pdf (5 MB, uploaded by Sarah Dudgeon 4 hours ago) – This tutorial outlines the project, and provides a...


  9. Main Page

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


  10. HTTtraining Video

    Back to the Training Checklist See the Data-Collection Webinar for more information: Data-Collection Webinar Agenda: High Throughput Truthing project wiki page Brandon D. Gallas, PhD (15 min)...


  11. HTT Data Collection

    Back to the Training Checklist Starting Data Collection First complete the Training Then select one of the links below to begin digital data collection on the caMicroscope or...


  12. HTT Data Collection Training

    Recruiting Advertisement: HTTatUSCAP.pdf (222 KB, uploaded by Sarah Dudgeon 22 hours ago) Below you will find a short overview and then study training materials on sTIL density evaluations. The...


  13. Onboard to CRDC

    Here’s the info a new person needs to understand CRDC. Welcome WelcomeFoundational Vision of CRDC (Moonshot)Purpose of CRDC CRDC Components List all the nodes and resources and their primary...


  14. CRDC Contacts

    Repositories CRDC IconCRDC ComponentFederal LeadFNL or other Primary ContactComponent Principal Contactshttps://datacommons.cancer.gov/sites/default/files/2020-05/Repo-CDS.svgCancer Data...


  15. Meeting Draft

    Back to Meetings & Minutes page Steering Committee Agenda 8/5/2020 GENERAL UPDATES (40 min) Opportunity to become a Collaborative Community through the FDA WORKGROUPS AND PROJECT UPDATES (15...