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  1. How do I filter NCIPhub emails?

    There are several ways that you can filter emails from the Hub depending on where those emails are coming from.If you are wanting to filter emails from a specific group, such as emails from a group...


  2. Can I use SFTP to upload large files to a project?

    Find documentation on how to utilize the SFTP functionality here.


  3. DIgital Object Identifier

    What is a DOI?A DOI is a serial code used to uniquely identify digital assets. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI®) System is used to identify digital resources when referencing them in...


  4. How does federated login work?

    You can choose to log into the hub using credentials from another authorizing party. This could be a web service provided by a company like Google or Facebook, or it could be a service provided by...


  5. How do I update a Database?

    Change the Database FileNavigate to https://yourhub.org/projects.  Click on the Project that contains the Database that needs updating.  Click on “Databases” underneath Assets...


  6. How do I create a Database?

    Create the Data FileCreate a .csv (comma separated values) file containing the data that will be used in the database.A spreadsheet program such as Excel can be used as long as the file is saved in...


  7. Where do I go for documentation?

    Documentation can be found in HUBzero‘s documentation page.


  8. Why is Hispanic / Latino not a racial background choice?

    According to U.S. government guidelines, ethnic heritage and racial background are to be separate, distinct questions and responses. "Ethnic Heritage" defines membership in cultural...


  9. Group Guidelines & Tips

    Ultimately it is the Admins that decide what the rules are for their group, but if you have been made a manager of a group, here are some suggestions for keeping your group happy:Manager...


  10. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleaguesCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to seeExport their content to other web...


  11. Earning points in the Questions & Answers forum

    Each question in the forum has its own "market" value, which reflects the level of community interest the question has generated. This is calculated by summing up the weighted number of...


  12. Frequently Asked Questions

    What are tags? How do I create a new tag? How can I delete a tag? How can I remove a tag from a resource/group/my profile/etc? Is there a limit on the number of tags I can add to an item? Can I...


  13. Frequently Asked Questions

    What are resources?How do I upload a new resource?How can I delete a resource?Is there a limit on the number of resources I can submit?What are resources?Think of a hub as an empty library....


  14. Customize your "My HUB" page

    To change your "My HUB" page, simply click the Personalize button located in the upper-right corner of that page. The page will enter a customization mode where you may move modules around by...


  15. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Group Discoverability? What is Group Membership Access? How to Customize a Group? What are Group Plugin Access Levels? How are groups managed? How do I leave a group? How do I delete a...


  16. Help! I'm getting a Java error!

    Users may experience a Java error on Mac OS X if they are using Java version 1.3 and below. Please ensure your Java install is up to date.NOTE! For gecko browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino), the...


  17. How do I change my password?

    We have an online form to change your password. You can use the link included here, or you can find the same link on the page that you go to when you first log in to this site. You'll also find the...


  18. How do I change my username?

    Sorry, but login names cannot be changed. If this is poses a serious problem for you, please contact our support team.


  19. How to Enable Cookies

    In order to log in to this site, you must enable cookies in your browser. Instructions for enabling cookies in common browsers are listed below. If your browser is not listed, please check its...


  20. How to enable pop-ups?

    Web pages can use the JavaScript language to automatically force the your web browser to open new windows. This capability has often been abused by advertising sites and many browsers disable the...