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  1. How do I filter NCIPhub emails?

    There are several ways that you can filter emails from the Hub depending on where those emails are coming from.If you are wanting to filter emails from a specific group, such as emails from a group...


  2. Can I use SFTP to upload large files to a project?

    Find documentation on how to utilize the SFTP functionality here.


  3. DIgital Object Identifier

    What is a DOI?A DOI is a serial code used to uniquely identify digital assets. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI®) System is used to identify digital resources when referencing them in...


  4. How does federated login work?

    You can choose to log into the hub using credentials from another authorizing party. This could be a web service provided by a company like Google or Facebook, or it could be a service provided by...


  5. How do I update a Database?

    Change the Database FileNavigate to https://yourhub.org/projects.  Click on the Project that contains the Database that needs updating.  Click on “Databases” underneath Assets...


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  1. CWIG-20201009 Recording

    13 Oct 2020 | Presentations | Contributor(s):: Durga Addepalli, Dr. Soo Lee

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  1. HTT update 20201016

    Click to get back to HTT updates. Click to the update from 02 October 2020 meeting Special Topic Meeting: RCAs for Slide ProvidersClick to RCA Discussion Review and Revise Preliminary Documents...


  2. Admin RCA discussion 20201016

    October 16, 2020 DiscussionTo-Do Individually Review Research Plan Template CDRH_RCA_Gallas_Template_20201016_Update.doc (102 KB, uploaded by Katherine N Elfer 16 hours ago) Email Brandon &...


  3. Presentation: Project Description and Pilot Study

    Project Description and Pilot Study for A Pathologist-Annotated AI/ML Validation DatasetPoster File Downloadable Link: FileAuthors: Sarah Dudgeon (MPH) Brandon Gallas (Ph.D.)Collaborators: Si Wen,...


  4. Presentations and Publications

    Related Presentations and Publications Presentations Project Description and Pilot Study for A Pathologist-Annotated AI/ML Validation Dataset, 2020A Reader Study on a 14-head Microscope, 2017...


  5. HTT public Update ParkingLot

    Subject of this announcement HTT Project Update: Email Announcement Manuscript Available via Pre-Publication The Alliance for Digital Pathology Digital Pathology Regulatory Considerations CDRH...


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