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  1. DWIConvert

    04 Mar 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Vince Magnotta, Hans Johnson, Joy Matsui, Kent Williams, Mark Scully, Xiaodong Tao

    Converts diffusion weighted MR images in dicom series into Nrrd format for analysis in Slicer. This program has been tested on only a limited subset of DTI dicom formats available from Siemens, GE, and Phillips scanners. Work in progress to support dicom multi-frame data. The program parses dicom...

  2. 3D Slicer

    Collections | 26 Feb 2015 | Posted by Andrey Fedorov

  3. Nov 18 2014

    3D Slicer Workshop and Training

    Join us for a day of learning about 3D Slicer, a free open source platform for medical image computing and visualization! Program will include introductory hands-on sessions for 3D Slicer users and...