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  1. NCI Consortia and Networks

    28 Jun 2016 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Tony Dickherber

    The attached spreadsheet contains a listing of all NCI-sponsored consortia and networks that might be leveraged or otherwise help drive prioritization of collaboration opportunities between IMAT and ITCR-supported investigators.

  2. Complete Active IMAT Project listing

    28 Jun 2016 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Tony Dickherber, Mervi Heiskanen

    This spreadsheet contains a comprehensive list of all active projects supported by the NCI IMAT program, including grant type, project number, PI name, project start and end dates, project title and short description of the project.

  3. Experimental Information Extraction from Nanocrystal Device Development Research Papers

    24 Jun 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Thaer Dieb

    Nano WG weekly meeting: Dr. Thaer M. Dieb, National Institute for Material Science, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo  Seminar on development of an annotated corpus for nanocrystal device research papers and automatic information extraction framework...

  4. Text Mining, Data Mining and Molecular Dynamics Simulations for in Silico Design of PAMAM Dendrimers

    17 Jun 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Julio Facelli

    Nano WG June 16, 2016 Text Mining, Data Mining and Molecular Dynamics Simulations for in Silico Design of PAMAM Dendrimers by Julio Facelli

  5. Nanoinformatics: research and education

    17 Jun 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Victor Maojo

    Nano WG June 2, 2016.  Text mining of nanotoxicity literature (Victor Maojo)  

  6. IFN╬│ has variable effects on expression of MHC Class I and ICAM-1 in pediatric cancers which alter sensitivity to NK cell mediated lysis

    01 Jun 2016 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Arianexys Aquino-Lopez, Vladimir Senyukov, Gabrielle Romain, Navin Varadarajan, Dean A. Lee

    Interferon-γ (IFNγ), a cytokine secreted by effector lymphocytes upon activation, is known to cause upregulation of MHC class I in tumor cells, which has been associated with natural killer (NK) cell inhibition. NK cells are very heterogeneous with respect to receptor expression and...

  7. Hunting for Opportunities: Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery to Treat Cancers

    26 May 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Alan Porter, Mervi Heiskanen

     Within the scope of ongoing nano informatics by our Georgia Tech group, we have analyzed Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery (NEDD) research publication and patent activity.  Here, I report on work led by Jing Ma exploring A) which nano components are helping deliver which B) drugs, to treat...

  8. An Extensible and Scalable Knowledge System Architecture for Cancer Research

    06 May 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Daniel Crichton

    ITCR May 2016 PI meeting presentation on development of an advanced knowledge system to capture, share and support reproducible analysis from the biomarker data results.  

  9. Integrative Cancer Biology Program Datasets

    26 Apr 2016 | Series | Contributor(s): Jonathan Bistline, Michael Reich

    The NCI-ICBP promotes an integrative/systems approach to the study of cancer biology. The Program encourages scientists to study cancer as a complex biological system. Information gained from these studies are used to build reliable and testable predictive computation models of cancer processes...

  10. Data Management: The appproach in NANoREG and ProSafe

    21 Apr 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Sara Totaro, Hugues Crutzen

    NANoREG project is working on establishing a common European approach to the regulatory testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials and ProSafe has been designed to coordinate and support the aims of EU member and associated states in their EU and international efforts regarding risk assessment,...

  11. InChl and Nanoparticles

    21 Apr 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Steve Heller

    The InChI Trust is a nonprofit charity which works to develop and promote the use of the IUPAC InChI open-source chemical structure representation algorithm. The InChI with its associated InChIKey was developed as a non-proprietary international standard to represent chemical structures and has...

  12. Molecular and Genetic Basis of Pancreatic Carcinogenesis: Which Concepts May Be Clinically Relevant? Pancreatic Neoplasms

    04 Apr 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): Vincent Bernard

    Bernard V, Fleming J, Maitra A. Molecular and Genetic Basis of Pancreatic Carcinogenesis: Which Concepts May Be Clinically Relevant? Pancreatic Neoplasms. Surgical Oncology Clinics of North America. Vol. 25 Iss 2, April 2016. PubMed PMID: 27013361 Carcinogenic progression in the pancreas arises...

  13. 2015 Cancer Biology Course

    24 Mar 2016 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Sherri De Jesus

  14. CRISPR/Cas9 system can be used to target essential genes

    10 Mar 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Raisa Reyes Castro

      The CRISPR/Cas (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat and CRISPR-associated nucleases) system has revolutionized the way we generate animal models. While it is very efficient, fast, and less expensive than standard techniques; it is not a well characterized system. One...

  15. Role of microRNA-203 and microRNA-205 in Lung Cancer Metastasis

    10 Mar 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Carolina Jannet Garcia Garcia

  16. Evaluating CPA as a cytotoxic agent in endometrial and ovarian carcinoma cells

    10 Mar 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Carolina Jannet Garcia Garcia

  17. Novel Stereological Methods for Alveolar Cell Quantification in the Mouse Lung

    10 Mar 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Odemaris Narvaez del Pilar

    Understanding whether lung development occurs by increase in cell size or cell number can lead to relevant clinical implications in phenomena such catch up growth, chronic neonatal lung disease and cancer. Although alveolar type 1 (AT1) and type 2 (AT2) cells have been quantified in the past,...

  18. Genetic and epigenetic modifications of Sox2 contribute to the invasive phenotype of malignant gliomas

    08 Mar 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): Nahir Cortes

    Alonso MM, Diez-Valle R, Manterola L, Rubio A, Liu D, Cortes-Santiago N, Urquiza L, Jauregi P, Lopez de Munain A, Sampron N, Aramburu A, Tejada-Solís S, Vicente C, Odero MD, Bandrés E, García-Foncillas J, Idoate MA, Lang FF, Fueyo J, Gomez-Manzano C. Genetic and epigenetic...

  19. Resources on NCIP Hub (2016)

    02 Mar 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Lisa Mahoney

    This presentation is part of NCIP Hub's 2016 Webinar Series. It provides an overview of what resources are, when and why to use resources and how to upload resources to NCIP Hub.

  20. caNanoLab Demo

    29 Feb 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Sharon Gaheen

    This is a recording of the caNanoLab Demo at the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer meeting in November 2015.