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LBL Expanded ICBP43 integrative genomic data

By Joe Gray1, Jonathan Bistline2

1. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2. Broad Institute



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There are six (6) datasets in this study:

  1. Reverse protein lysate array (JWGray_BCCL_RPPA_timecourse_Lapatinib_v1-1.txt) 
  2. Reverse protein lysate array readme (JWGray_BCCL_RPPA_timecourse_Lapatinib_v1-1_readme.txt)
  3. Affymetrix SNP data (
  4. Segmented copy number data (
  5. Segmented copy number data readme (JWGray_BCCL_SNP6_segmented_v2_readme.txt)
  6. Cell line sample annotations (JWGray_sample_annotation.txt)
    Sample annotations for the expanded ICBP43 integrative genomic data

These datasets have been exported from the Broad Institute's ICBP Data & Analysis Portal.

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  • Joe Gray; Jonathan Bistline (2014), "LBL Expanded ICBP43 integrative genomic data,"

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