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Getting Started at the Standards Portal Pilot

By Denise Warzel1, Ann Christine Catlin

1. National Cancer Institute

Published on


The Standards Portal Pilot is now available! (Click the link for the portal home page.)

Why use the standards portal? See more information about its genesis and use cases in a study conducted for the VCDE caBIG community here.

If you are participating in the Pilot, please join the Standards Portal Group. On the Group page, you can view and open new "Wish List" items for changes or new requirements to make the site easier to use. Here you will also see gaps in functionality that we have already noted. Please use "Discussions" to start or contribute to threads while we all learn how to make use of this new environment for sharing Standards!

Download the "Getting Started" document (click "Download" button at the top of this page) to learn how to create a new landing page for your community, discover, discuss and contribute at the Standards Portal. In this document, we show you how to

  • Search and discover standards and information about standards -- for CDEs and CRFs
  • Create your own customized areas to discuss, share and disseminate resources, tools, information, links and experiences about standards
  • Upload Common Data Elements (CDEs) and Case Report Forms (CRFs) from the NCI Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR)
    CDE Browser.

*Note: Uploaded CDEs and CRFs are not "un-loadable". I have entered a "wish list" item for that feature. Meanwhile, when new content is uploaded, if the CDE or CRF public Id and version already exists in ncipHub, that item will be updated with the new content.

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