NCL Method STE-2.1

By Barry Neun, Timothy Potter, Marina Dobrovolskaia

Detection of Microbial Contamination Using Millipore Sampler Devices

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Version 1.0 - published on 11 Jun 2021 doi:10.17917/DVJF-SS25 - cite this


This protocol describes a procedure for quantitative determination of microbial contamination in a nanoparticle preparation. The protocol includes tests for yeast, mold and bacteria using Millipore Sampler devices [1]. The intended purpose of this assay is to avoid introduction of microbial contamination into in vitro cell cultures and in vivo animal studies utilizing the test-nanomaterial, as microbial contamination will confound the results of these tests. This assay is not intended to certify the material as sterile.

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