InFlo: An integrative systems biology framework for characterizing activities of complex signaling networks in individual patient samples using multi-omics profiling

  • InFlo is a novel systems biology approach for characterizing the activities of complex signaling networks using a unique multidimensional framework integrating transcriptomic, genomic and/or epigenomic profiles for any given biological sample.
  • InFlo integrates diverse sources of molecular profiles and robustly characterizes tissue-specific differences in activities of signaling networks on a genome scale using unique probabilistic models of molecular interactions on a per-sample basis.
  • A unique feature of InFlo is that it specifically accounts for potential inconsistencies between curated signaling networkdefinitions and the wiring of the pathway in the specific tissue context

InFlo: a novel systems biology framework identifies cAMP-CREB1 axis as a key modulator of platinum resistance in ovarian cancer
N Dimitrova(1), A B Nagaraj(2), A Razi(2), S Singh(2), S Kamalakaran(1), N Banerjee(1), P Joseph(2), A Mankovich(1), P Mittal(3,4), A DiFeo(2,4) and V Varadan(2,4)
Oncogene advance online publication 7 November 2016;doi: 10.1038/onc.2016.398