Pet dogs are the most common pet animals around. Their popularity amongst the pet community speaks for their adaptability to the human lifestyle. It is no su[rise, however, as dogs have been under human companionship for thousands of years. Once used for utilitarian purposes the dogs have come a long way in cohabiting our homes and bring the playful pooches they have become. 

They have gone further and take on roles such as an emotional support animal (ESA) helping people cope with their mental disabilities. With an ESA letter for housing and traveling, you can have your pet dog with you at home as well as during your travels. 



When deciding upon keeping a pet, people often make the mistake of getting the pet dog without any research into the dog. They don’t research what might suit their lifestyle or the various responsibilities that come with keeping a pet dog. This applied even to the ESA owners, for whom the lack of research can lead to exacerbating their Mental disorders

Here are the various things that you should avoid if you are looking forward to having a pet dog:

Not realizing the responsibility 

Taking care of a pet dog is a huge responsibility. To make sure that your dog is healthy, active, and happy you will have to make some changes in your life. You will need to take out time to accompany your pet dog, get it to exercise outside, and arrange alternative accommodation if you are leaving town. You will also be responsible for its healthy diet, its heath, and grooming, which will cost you too. 

Before taking the decision, you should assess the situation and see if it is feasible for you to adopt or bring home a pet dog. Never take on the responsibility unless you are sure that your financial situation and routine allows you the time and resources to have a pet.

Getting the pet form a pet store

Many first-time dog parents tend to get their pet dogs from pet stores. Buying your pets from such shops means business for unethical pet farms that provide the pets for such shops. Make sure that you do your research about the supply of the pups and get your pet after. The pet farms exploit the dogs and keep them in unhygienic and congested spaces, neglecting even the basic care. 

Instead, try to adopt a pet dog from a local shelter. These shelters have plenty of pure breeds and some that are well trained and vaccinated. 

Not caring or its health and wellness

If you neglect the pet dog and don’t look after it, in terms of diet, grooming, and checkups, your dog can have severe health issues. You should make sure that you groom it according to the breed requirements, while also taking care of its diet and exercise. Make sure to visit the pet’s vet at least twice a year or if any other health issues pop up. Only a healthy and fit dog will be able to become a good and loving pet. Request your emotional support dog letter from your therapist.

Choosing a breed that doesn’t match your lifestyle

Research into the pet breeds and choose a dog that matches your criteria and your lifestyle. This includes the type of residence you are living in, the time you spend outside the home, the resources that you can keep aside for the pet, and the various household members you have in the house.

For example, people living in apartments should get a dog that is suitable for indoor living, while those with a large family and a big house should get a family dog that loves being around the household members and are careful around children. Also, for people who love the chance to go outside and exercise, should get a pet dog that requires daily exercise.

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