The Relationship Between Social Movements to Limit Discrimination Against LGBTQIA+

Without doubt, the issue of discrimination remains one of the most actual and widespread point for debates in contemporary society. Since the majority of people continue discussing this controversial question, it means that a significant problem still exists. What is more, for the recent time, it has inherited different approaches and ways of its interpretation. It has led to the appearance of numerous conceptions that can be examined by the experts on in their peculiar manner. Thus, it is important to determine relations between diverse social movements, the main aim of which is to maintain equality, proper treatment, and reasonable policy.

It is impossible to imagine societal progress without any change and alteration that may relate to the aspect of interpersonal communication and co-existence. In the modern context, some particular groups of people fight to ensure equal access to opportunities for ones who distinguish from others due to their particular features. Dealing with the issue of the LGBTQIA+ movement, such phenomenon is aimed to promote social possession of equal rights for all creatures who belong to the humankind. Activists also provoke a dispute concerning the themes of poverty, racial discrimination, and physically challenged people.

However, despite the fact that LGBTQIA+ communities have a common goal and a deep interest in improving the current situation, their visions of the nearest future may vary. Being involved in political and cultural activities, playing an important role in a quotidian life, they announce their beliefs and convictions by lobbying, marathons, and manifestations. By the way, the level of any action and willingness to show their viewpoints can be modified from peaceful marches to more radical forms of expression.

The next difference between social movements pertains to the question of self-determination and the system of presented concepts. Nowadays it covers one of the essential issues. Changing the meaning and comprehension of such notions as masculinity and femininity, many representatives have their independent points of view. The political aspect is not an exception from the rules. Since more participants are responsible for passing special laws, programs, and models, some minorities gain the required rights and benefits, owing to well-developed and organized social demonstrations.

Nevertheless, the conflict still exists, and it relates to the problem of strategies and conceptions that can be applied during this epoch. Identity politics is the question that appears constantly among different groups who fight against sexual discrimination. Although much criticism has been already expressed concerning this notion, major communities insist on the development and promotion of a distinguishing policy in the sphere of gender and social orientation. Moreover, attention usually focuses on a personal interest and a perspective that such treatment may engender. It is needless to say that every human has the right to express his or her own beliefs and values, but when group interests are becoming dominant, such rule cannot be used any longer. This strategy does not signify an equal chance of finding true person’s identity or nature for everyone. In this way, the majority of people will come under the influence of others prejudices and persuasions.

To conclude, it is pretentious to highlight that even through social movements share common values and perceptions, any alteration should be carefully observed in the context of understanding the vital notions. Minor differences among representatives of each group may have distinctive details; that is why transmitting power and authority to some communities is a decisive factor that should be critically examined. Specifically, although most social movements are to promote favorable conditions for human activities, it is not recommended to forget about people’s real destination in this world.

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