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Mental health and cancer

You’ve perhaps experienced it yourself: that feeling of loneliness, those sleepless nights when you wished you could end it all forever. If that has ever happened to you (or someone close to you), don’t fret- you are by no means alone. Mental illness is a problem so widespread in this country, that President Trump was recently moved to say that his administration is committed to tackle the ‘difficult issue’. 

There’s a good reason why the government is concerned about the mental health of its citizens. Nearly one-fifth of all adults in America suffer from some form of mental illness and on an average, their life spans are shorter than that of the average adult by a staggering 15 to 30 years. What makes it even more difficult is that the problem has no easy solution. Of all the enemies we ever confront, the worst are the demons in our own mind. You can guard against enemies outside, but how do you tackle one that is within you?

The good news is that mental illness, if handled promptly and correctly, is perfectly curable. Here are three things that you can do to confront the demons in your mind:

Acknowledge the problem: The single biggest mistake most victims of mental illness make is denying the existence of the problem. While the situation is a lot better than it was even a generation ago, the fact remains that many of us still consider it to be a sign of weakness. 

If such a thought ever crosses your mind, just remember that one of the greatest presidents this country has ever produced battled depression for most of his life. If you are tormented by the demons in your mind, accept that fact. Difficult as it is, do not let it hurt your pride. There is nothing unusual and nothing even remotely shameful about it. In fact, by accepting the situation, you have taken the most important step towards coming out of it.

Reach out for help: For those who are battling mental illnesses, there’s further good news: you are not alone. There are enough and more people and organisations- like Naya Clinics, for example- who are professionally equipped to help you. When in doubt, get professional help.

Get your support structures in place: There are a whole lot of other support structures that you can put in place. For starters, confide in your near and dear ones. They, more than anyone else in this world, care for you. Having loved ones makes the battle easier to fight. In addition, there are self-help group and even help lines that you can turn to if in need. No matter how bad and hopeless it may seem, remember that you are not fighting a lone battle. To find out more information, refer to this page.

Have patience: Lastly, be mindful of the fact that a mental illness is not like a disease which can be cured in a few days. The battle could go on for months and even years. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth the time and effort. 

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