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Posted on 3/24/2022 by B. López



 Dr. Nathan Vanderford, and his team at the University of Kentucky the UK Markey Cancer Center’s Appalachian Career Training in Oncology (ACTION) Program recently published a second edition of “The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia: Kentucky Students Take ACTION." The second edition     includes essays written by high school and undergraduate students who are ACTION participants. In the book, students share personal experiences with  cancer as well as future solutions related to cancer.


The book launch was featured Lex 18, Kentucky students author book about cancer in Appalachia.









  Posted on 2/7/2022 by B. López


Dr. Nathan Vanderford, and his team at the University of Kentucky the UK Markey Cancer Center’s Appalachian Career Training in Oncology (ACTION) Program gathered 238 photos from ACTION program trainees. These photos are currently on display at photovoice exhibit is currently on display in the Healthy Kentucky Research Building at the University of Kentucky. For more information check out the press release, "Through the Lens: Appalachian Youth Document Cancer in Rural Kentucky"


Additionally, Dr. Vanderford and colleagues have published a content analysis of 238 photos submitted in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Posted on 9/22/2020 by M. Sellers


Taylor_Monitz.pngTaylor MonitzKiran_Nazarali.pngKiran Nazarali
Sean_Graves.png Sean Graves

The University of Pittsburgh Hillman Academy was recently featured on several media sites, including 90.5 WESA (a NPR station, time-stamp 22:49—38:44), and CBS Pittsburgh. The program was also ranked among the world's top 100 educational innovations of 2020, with an additional article further detailing this distinction here.  Like many other programs this year, the University of Pittsburgh adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic through a computational research and mentorship program. The final presentations for these experiences may be found on YouTube.


Several YES scholars from University of Pittsburgh also made waves in science fairs. Taylor Monitz placed 2nd at the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair, 1st at the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools Fair, and qualified for the International Science and Engineering fair in 2020. 2019 and 2020 YES scholar Kiran Nazarali received a gold medal in the Northeast Georgia Regional Science and Engineering Fair in 2020. YES Scholar Sean Graves placed first at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition. Sean was accepted into the premed program at Xavier University of Louisiana. Also pictured is YES student Ore Olaore, who placed 3rd. She was accepted at Cornell University. Back To Top



Posted on 9/22/2020 by M. Sellers


dominique1-small.jpgDominique Pablitomerlin_16829.jpgLila Batar
majid-small.jpg Majid Khan

The PathMaker program at the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah recently published three highlights of its scholars--Dominique Pablito, Majid Khan, and Lila Batar. 


Each of their full articles can be found at the following links:


Dominique Pablito (Dominique has another spot, click here)


Majid Khan


Lila Batar


More information about the PathMaker program at the University of Utah can be found here.


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Posted on 9/22/2020 by M. Sellers




Betelhem at the bench working on a gel


A screenshot of Anthony in his "Live from the Lab" video on flow cytometry


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, research institutions developed creative strategies to continue providing developmental research experiences for their students. For the 2020 Fred Hutchinson Summer High School Internship Program, two of the 2019 YES alumni--Betelhem Muno and Anthony Steinauer--stepped up as leaders and mentors for the rest of the participating interns. The two starred in a new YouTube video series called "Live from the Lab", where they demonstrate common laboratory techniques like flow cytometry and working with gels. "We learned a ton about virtual internships that we'll transfer to our undergraduate program this fall," explained Dr. Dave Vannier. 


In addition, Yusuf Hanafy, Jainaba Jawara, and Nicole Magaki, who participated in the 2019 YES Pathways Explorers outreach program, continued on to their own virtual Summer High School Internships. The blogs for these students, as well as many others, can be found in the links below. 


Yusuf's Blog

Jainaba's Blog

Nicole's Blog


2020 Explorers Blogs


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Posted on 9/22/2020 by M. Sellers

Original article written by R. Oakley



The Dana-Farber Harvard Cancer Center successfully held a 3-day zoomathon of final presentations from 54 CURE and U54 Partnership students. Each of these students spent the summer working in DF/HCC labs this summer. However, due to the pandemic, Deputy Associate Director Karen Burns White, CURE Program Manager Brittany Michel, U54 REC Manager Kate Loughlin, and Program Coordinators Kathynie Hinds and Tsega Meshesha, planned virtual experiences for all participating students. When possible, students were involved in ongoing research projects, while others performed in-depth literature reviews related to the topics of focus in their labs.


For more details, please click here for the full article written by Richard Oakley. 


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Posted on 9/22/2020 by M. Sellers


HannahButlerRobbinsHeadshot86.png Hannah Butler Robbins AudreyBavariHeadshot12.jpg Audrey Bavari


Bobbie McWilliams began her UNMC YES! internship as a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She worked directly with UNMC YES! PI Dr. Regina Idoate on issues of health disparities in Native American communities. Bobbie and Dr. Idoate recently published a journal article in the AMA Journal of Ethics titled: Portraits of Suzanne, an Osage Woman’s Story of Loving the Sun and Living With Skin Cancer. The link to the publication can be found here.


YES! Interns Hanna Butler Robbins and Audrey Bavari also completed virtual experiences this summer, with Hannah attending the 10-day Human and Mammalian Genetics 61st McKusick Short Course at the Jackson Laboratory and Audrey researching pancreatic cancer at the UNMC SHPEP (Summer Health Professions Education Program) YES! Internship with Dr. Joyce Solheim. Hannah is completing undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona and applying for MD/PhD programs. Audrey is currently enrolled with the Urban Health Opportunities Program (UHOP) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, which will give her direct admission to UNMC School of Medicine upon successful completion of her undergraduate program. Back To Top



Posted on 6/10/2020 by E.Omekwe

Contributed by A.Rookwood



In June 2019, the Youth Enjoy Science (YES) program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) hosted a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) Camp for thirteen Native American middle school students June 24th-June 28th. This camp was organized in partnership with the  Omaha Public Schools Native Indigenous Centered Education (OPS-NICE) program. During the camp, students learned about cancer biology, cancer research and cancer-related careers with an integrated cultural perspective. Some of the traditions weaved into the camp included a traditional smudging at the start of each morning and some sessions taught inside a teepee erected on the west lawn outside the UNMC College of Public Health.

It was the first time Evan Lonehill, 14-year old with Oglala Lakota heritage, had ever attended a science camp that featured elements of his Native American culture. "I really enjoyed it, especially how the teachers tied the science into the culture," Lonehill said.

The camp ended with the students creating artwork in different formats that reflected what they learned about cancer research. Exhibits of the students’ work, will be open in August at the Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus until the 28th Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow, the largest powwow in the Omaha metropolitan area, and throughout November in the Criss Library at the University of Nebraska at Omaha as part of a larger student and community exhibit in honor of National Native American Heritage Month. Back To Top



Posted on 6/10/2020 by E. Omekwe


Chicago EYES on Cancer Show and Tell Updates

Spring 2020



EYES trainees outside the CAN-TV studios, July 2019.



Sydney Cush and Dr. Christopher Peña discuss Sydney’s work on protein synthesis in Dr. Raymond Moellering’s laboratory.


YES Trainees Educate Chicagoland Communities about Advances in Cancer Research

This summer, trainees in the University of Chicago’s Chicago EYES on Cancer program partnered with Chicago Access Network Television (CAN-TV) to educate Chicagoland communities about advances in cancer research. In particular, trainees discussed exciting work in immunotherapy and diagnostics, drawing on examples from their own summer research projects. Watch for yourself! Episodes are accessible through the CAN-TV YouTube channel or via direct links here and here.



Moin Vahora, Summer Smith, Aysha Ahmad, Bianca Savant and Alex Burr at CABTRAC in Baltimore, MD, with program leaders Drs. Eileen Dolan, Megan Mekinda and Christopher Peña.



Linnea Lungstrom and Blake McBeth at SACNAS in Honolulu, HI.



Linzeypearl Gyimah at ABRCMS in Anaheim, CA.



Teacher research fellow Leon Scarlett at NABT with program leaders Drs. Megan Mekinda and Stephen Rogg.


EYES on the Road

Congratulations to the nine student trainees and one teacher research fellow from the University of Chicago’s Chicago EYES on Cancer program who presented their research at professional conferences across the country this past year: The Cancer Biology Training Consortium Pipeline Program Satellite Meeting (Baltimore, MD), the American Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (Anaheim, CA), and the annual meetings of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (Honolulu, HI) and the National Association of Biology Teachers (Chicago, IL). Also, a shout-out to the eleven trainees who had planned to present posters during the undergraduate symposium at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in April (San Diego, CA).Back To Top



Posted on 5/6/2020 by J. Calzola




Dr. Nathan Vanderford, and his team at the University of Kentucky, published a book with their high school YES participants about how the high cancer rates in Appalachian Kentucky impact their families and communities. You can find the book on Amazon. Dr. Vanderford described the work in a tweet

“Appalachian KY has the highest cancer rates in the US. University of Kentucky - Markey Cancer Center ACTION students (R25 funded by the National Cancer Institute and Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities) share stories of how cancer affects their families/communities in an upcoming book published by the University Press of Kentucky. Order today on Amazon"-- Dr. Vanderford

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Posted on 5/6/2020 by J. Calzola


Dr. Nate Berger and his team at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center published an article on their YES program, highlighting the positive perceptions of students that completed the program in 2018. 

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Posted on 5/6/2020 by J. Calzola


Dr. Jeanne Chowning, Fred Hutch Research Center, was featured in Geekwire as “Geek of the Week”, where she spoke about her commitment and experience in diversity and inclusion in science: Geek of the Week: Fred Hutch’s Jeanne Chowning committed to diversity and inclusion in scienceBack to Top



Posted on 4/22/2019 by S. Hargrave


In August 2019, KIRO-TV in Seattle, WA, and the Everett Herald in Everett, WA, highlighted the kickoff of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's new Pathways Research Explorers Program with a TV spot and front page article (respectively).  The Pathways Research Explorers program is a two week training program for fifteen incoming 10th and 11th graders.

From the students:


“Technology is so advanced and you can use that to help people” -- Amber Carbajal, Mariner High School.


“Seeing the really cool facility and meeting the people here who are doing things I want to do in the future is really inspiring” -- Melody Gebremedhin, Pullman High School.


Also, check out their blog

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Posted on 4/19/2019 by S. Hargrave


There are many links between the YES and the NIH Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) programs.  One wonderful one was discovered when University of Nebraska Medical Center held a YES program event in August 2018. Ms. Audrey Bavari, a student in the UNMC High School Alliance program ( learned that she is the daughter of the first person ever featured in the UNMC SEPA Role Model Poster Project. So wonderful to see these excellent programs span generations!  Back to Top



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