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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

WSIWG Update - June 2015

Dear WSI working group members

We write with an update on the WSIWG activities:

1.Update on meeting at Pathology Informatics 2015, Pittsburgh:
All presentations (Barco and Phillips) and reviews are available to WSI WG members (login required).

Cedric Marchessoux from Barco has also uploaded answers to reviewers’ questions about his presentation.
Thanks for a great meeting.

2.Future meetings:
We would like your input.

Location and Date – Given the success of Pathology Informatics, we propose to host another meeting there next year (May 23-26, Pittsburgh). Additionally, we think another event would be great. Please comment on when and where you would like to meet next. Some options to piggy back on a larger conference include Pathology Visions (October 11-13, Boston) and SPIE medical imaging (27 Feb – 3 March, San Diego). Please indicate your preference, or suggest alternatives. The FDA has conference facilities if folks are willing to travel to Silver Spring, MD.

Should we try a webinar?
Meeting Topics – A suggestion on the hub is to discuss phantom slides for scanner verification and validation. Survey responses asked for discussions on standardization, color calibration and reproducibility, limitations of WSI, components of the imaging chain and their characteristics, and study designs. All these suggestions are “technical”. Do you want to see a balance of technical and clinical? Should we vote on topics?

Organizers – Who wants to shape the content of the meeting by recruiting speakers and reviewers? Who connected and can negotiate the logistics with the larger conference? Who can’t travel to a conference and wants to organize a webinar to be able to fully participate? Who wants to take credit for a great session? We encourage you to propose an agenda for a future meeting.

Let us know if you are interested in participating in organizing T-cons.


Make suggestions and comments at

If you are shy, you can post anonymously! If you must, you can contact us outside of the hub.


Thank you for your continued participation in this working group.



Brandon, Darren, Marios and Steve

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