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  • Created 01 Aug 2014

WSIWG Pathology Informatics follow up

Greetings WSI WG members,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am writing today to thank everyone for participating in our first face-to-face meeting. The presenters really stuck their necks out there; it’s not easy to get a critique in a public forum. Likewise, the reviewers did a great job providing inquisitive questions and constructive criticism. The content presented and the discussions that ensued were excellent. Add to that the discussion about FDA’s draft guidance and the entire PI summit program, and it is easy to declare last week time well spent, a success. We are very enthused and encouraged to continue on this adventure.


For anyone that was unable to attend and for those who want to study the details of the presentations and reviews, they are posted in the group’s project page:


We would like to hear from you on what you liked or didn’t like about our meeting and how we are managing the working group (apologies for the poor WebEx audio). I have created a blog item for you to add your comments, suggestions, praise or criticism. Comments can be anonymous.


Lastly, if you think that this working group can have a positive impact, it would help if you provided feedback to the FDA. In particular, it would help to highlight the effort that Brandon Gallas and Marios Gavrielides have done organizing the WSI working group and about what we can accomplish as a group. This will help Brandon, Marios and other FDA scientists and regulatory staff get internal support for their time, effort, research, and travel related to the working group. Their division director, Dr. Kyle Myers, has been extremely supportive of this effort, and she could use some testimonials when justifying their effort to upper management at the FDA.

How to provide feedback: Complete a general and simple “Customer Service” survey that is a direct line to the office of the director of CDRH

There is a free-text box where you can say anything you want.


The WSI Working Group Organizing Committee


Coming Up Next: Planning future meetings and projects!

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