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This group for QIN Hub has been retired, please see the new QIN Hub group at:


The Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN) is one of several within the Cancer Imaging Program. It is designed to promote research and development of quantitative imaging methods for the measurement of tumor response to therapies in clinical trial settings, with the overall goal of facilitating clinical decision making. The main emphasis is on the support of the development and adaptation/implementation of quantitative imaging endpoints (including imaging methods and related software tools research, and/or informatics infrastructure, as needed). Projects include the appropriate development and adaptation/implementation of quantitative imaging methods, imaging protocols, and software solutions/tools (using existing commercial imaging platforms and instrumentation) and application of these methods in current and planned clinical therapy trials. The projects are focusing on imaging-derived quantitative measurements of responses to drugs and/or radiation therapy, and/or image-guided interventions (IGI).

To date, sixteen centers of imaging excellence have been selected through the NIH peer review process and more will be added as they pass through peer review. Five working groups, addressing common issues to the various programs, including data collection, image analysis, informatics, clinical trial design, and network outreach have been established. These working groups are composed of members of the different QIN teams, though not necessarily the principal investigators. The Network’s Steering Committee meets monthly via teleconference and organizes network-wide activities such as consensus publications, cross-network activities, associate membership in the network, and semi-annual face-to-face meetings. To achieve the goals of the QIN, multidisciplinary teams that include oncologists as well as clinical and basic imaging scientists are required. The involvement of industrial partners in the development and adaptation/implementation of quantitative imaging methods to aid cancer therapies is encouraged.

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