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PSON0003 Physical Characterization of Cell Lines

PSON0003 Physical Characterization of Cell Lines : Motility This study uses images of cells collected using brightfield micrcoscopy at 10x magnification, with ImageJ software used to track motility. Raw data consists of tif files, while the cell positions and derived motility results are in Excel spreadsheets and text files.

Data usage policy

The data contained within the PS-ON DCC is based on several research projects and is intended to be rapidly and constantly updated for the research community to access and use. The NCI requests that any data users:

  • Inform the data submitters about the intention to submit a publication that uses PS-ON DCC data.
    • Include the following statement in any publications resulting from the use of PS-ON DCC data: Data used in this publication were generated by projects sponsored by the NCI Physical Sciences in Oncology Initiative.

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