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Curation Papers

Outline and process for writing curation papers

1. Identify the lead author (role defined below).

2. Create an author group. The author group will be based on individuals who have expressed interest in the given nanocuration subtopic, ideally through posting relevant content to that Project area of the NCIP Hub.

3. Appropriate members of the Nano WG leadership meets and identifies the set of questions to ask the curation stakeholders (roles defined below).

4. Release the questions to the stakeholder group, provide a timeline for responses (e.g., 2-3 weeks).

5. Lead author creates the first draft of the paper, based on the standard outline.

  • Why the nano curation sub-topic is important and relevant
  • How does the driving purpose of the resource or goals of the curation effort impact the design and challenges involved with this specific aspect of curation?
  • What are established handling methods for this sub-topic in mature fields (e.g. biocuration)?
  • What are the key challenges for emerging materials / nanomaterials with regard to this sub-topic?
  • Are there any specific use cases to illustrate these issues and make them tangible?
  • Recommendations: Are there opportunities to leverage existing nanoinformatics resources (e.g. ISA-TAB Nano) in addressing integration for this sub-topics, or reasons not to do so?
  • What are some practical next steps for individual stakeholders or the community as a whole?

6. Contributing authors provide content, edits.

7. Iterate

Author Roles and Guidelines

Lead author for sub-topics

The lead author will generate the first draft for review the authorship team, by pulling together all initial content that was shared in the wiki by various interested parties, requesting, collecting, and analyzing the stakeholder responses, and generating the first pass at analysis and discussion in line with the provided outline. The lead author will be responsible for the scope of the paper and the momentum of the progress, and where they deem helpful, delegating specific writing tasks. Curation stakeholders

These are the people who represent nano data curators throughout the field. This is a consistent list of curation stakeholders, to whom questions pertaining to each sub-topic will be posed throughout the course of building these consensus papers. The list of questions and answers will be presented in the raw in tables for each paper, then incorporated by the lead author and contributing authors into the analyses.

Contributing authors

Other contributing authors on a sub-topic will satisfy these authorship guidelines:

Contribute text in Track Changes to the main body or table(s) that is used in the final publication; Attend team-writing conference calls to assist in the substantive development of the paper content and flow; Add references to specific statements in the existing text (please provide author, year, DOI in comments); Develop a table, figure(s), or other delegated text section that is then used in the final publication.

All other contributions (e.g., helpful comments, grammatical changes) will be gratefully noted in Acknowledgements.

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