ITCR 2017 Annual PI Meeting Materials



Agenda and Presentations

Day One

Welcome: Josh Stuart

Resources Session I Chair Obi Griffith

Obi Griffith: Development of Informatics Resources for Interpretation of Clinically Actionable Variants in Cancer

Terry Meehan: The PDX Integrator – Re-Purposing KOMP2 Informatics to Widely Disseminate Data from Patient Derived Xenografts and Electronic Access to Mouse Tumor Data

John Weinstein and Bradley Broom: Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps for Fluent, Interactive Exploration of Omic Data Video

Levi Waldron: Cancer Genomics: Integrative and Scalable Solutions in R / Bioconductor Video

Rachel Karchin: Informatics Tools for High-Throughput Analysis of Cancer Mutations

Michael J Becich: Advanced Development of TIES-Enhancing Access to Tissue for Cancer Research

Imaging Session I Chair Joel Saltz

Xiaodong Wu Developing Enabling PET-CT Image Analysis Tools for Predicting Response in Radiation Cancer Therapy

Lauren Jean O’Donnell Open Source Diffusion MRI Technology for Brain Cancer Research

Christos Davatzikos Cancer Imaging Phenomics Software Suite: Application to Brain and Breast Cancer Video

John Quackenbush Quantitative Radiomics System Decoding the Tumor Phenotype

Lunch / TOW Working Group Get Together

New Groups Lightning Talks

Vincent Carey: Accelerating Cancer Genomics with Cloud Scale Bioconductor

Nathalie Pochet: Integrative genomic framework for dissecting regulatory mechanisms underlying hepatocellular carcinoma

Raja Mazumder: Integration of comprehensive cancer mutation and expression-associated data for biomarker evaluation and discovery

Clinical Session I Chair Guergana Savova

Hua Xu and Ping Yang: Advancing Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology Research Through EHRs and Informatics Video

Guoqian Jiang: caCDE-QA: A Quality Assurance Platform for Cancer Study Common Data Elements

Hong Yu: EMR Adverse Drug Event Detection for Pharmacovigilance

Guergana Savova: Cancer Deep Phenotyping Extraction from Electronic Medical Records Video

Advanced Omics Session I Chair Brian Haas

Gabor Marth, Aaron Quinlan: Monitoring Tumor Heterogeneity Over Time and Space

Dinler Antunes: Structure-Based Selection of Tumor-Antigens for T-Cell Based Immunotherapy

Xinshu Grace Xiao: Informatics Tools for Single-Nucleotide Analysis of Cancer RNA-Seq

Aviv Regev and Brian Haas: Trinity: Transcriptome Assembly for Genetic and Functional Analysis of Cancer

Ben Raphael (Keynote): Algorithms for Inferring Evolution and Migration of Tumors

Day Two

Imaging Session II Chair Andrey Fedorov

Andrey Fedorov: Quantitative Image Informatics for Cancer Research (QIICR)

Daniel Marcus and Richard Wahl: Integrative Imaging Informatics for Cancer Research

Avant Madabhushi and Anne Martel: Pathology Image Informatics Platform for Visualization, Analysis and Management

Kun Huang: Informatics Links between Histological Features and Genetics in Cancer Video

Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer: Informatics Tools for Optimized Imaging Biomarkers for Cancer Research & Discovery

Joel Saltz: Tools to Analyze Morphology and Spatially Mapped Molecular Data Video

Resources Session II Chair Jing Zhu

Jill Mesirov: The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV): Visualization Supporting Cancer Research Video

Timothy Griffin: A Galaxy-Based Multi-Omic Informatics Hub for Cancer Researchers Video

Josh Stuart and Kyle Ellrott: BMEG: Biomedical Evidence Graph Video

Trey Ideker and Dexter Pratt: NDEx – the Network Data Exchange, A Network Commons for Biologists

Jiang Zhu: UCSC Xena – Cloud Based Resource for Data Hosting, Visualization and Analysis

Advanced Omics Session II Chair Alexander Krasnitz

Han Liang: The Cancer Proteome Atlas, TCPA: An Integrated Bioinformatics Resource for Functional Cancer Proteomic Data

Dongjun Chung: Algorithms for Literature-Guided Multi-Platform Identification of Cancer Subtypes

Alexander Krasnitz: Computational Framework for Single-Cell Genomics of Tumors

Jingshan Huang: Omni Search: A Semantic Search Tool for Discovering Micro RNAs’ Critical Roles in Human Cancer

Imaging Session III Chair Hiroyuki Yoshida

Srinivas Chakra Chennubhotla and Daryl Sarachan: nformatics Tools for Tumor Heterogeneity in Multiplexed Fluorescence Images Video

Trinity Urban: Next Steps for Lesion Tracker: Integration with a Clinical Trials Workflow Informatics System

David Andrew Gutman: Advanced Development of an Open-source Platform for Web-based Integrative Digital Image Analysis in Cancer Video

Group Discussion

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