Supplements in support of the NCI Childhood Cancer Data Initiative

The NCI Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) is a federal investment focused on the critical need to collect, analyze, and share data to address the burden of cancer in children, adolescents, and young adults. A key goal of CCDI is to develop and enhance tools and methods to extract knowledge from data. In support of this goal, the NCI is announcing an opportunity for supplemental funding to ITCR investigators for adaptations to informatics tools or methods specifically linked to use cases involving childhood cancer data. 

The process for being considered for a CCDI supplement will involve the following:

  1. Submission of an informal Letter of Intent (LOI), previewing the CCDI-relevant project you wish to pursue. LOI submissions are expected to be ~1 page in length and should not exceed 3 pages. These should be emailed to me (Juli Klemm) before 5pm local time on June 29, 2020.
  2. NCI program staff will respond to selected LOI submissions by July 10, 2020 with a request for a formal Administrative Supplement application submitted to the NIH Admin Supp Parent FOA ( Full Administrative Supplement applications are due by August 3, 2020Supplement requests may not exceed $100k in Direct Costs and the project period will be limited to 1 year.
  1. Any awards made will likely be issued before the end of the fiscal year, allowing for an anticipated start date in mid-September, 2020.

Please keep in mind that supplements cannot be awarded during periods of No Cost Extension. Therefore, LOIs should not be submitted for grants that will be in NCE by September 2020.

More information about CCDI is available at, including a summary of ideas submitted to NCI’s questions about the CCDI.

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