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HTT Data Collection Training

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Below you will find a short overview and then study training materials on sTIL density evaluations. The training may be completed ahead of time.

Short Overview of Pathologist Task:

You will be presented pre-selected regions of interest (ROIs) digitally or on a microscope (Figure below, left). For each ROI, you will be prompted to record the percent tumor-associated stroma and the tumor-associated stromal TIL density (sTIL density). The sTIL density is a number from 0-100, and training for this evaluation is below. Once you have determined the sTIL density for each FOV, you will enter the value using the software’s guided user interface (Figure below, right).

eeDAPsystem.PNG eeDAPinterfaceHTT_USCAP.png
(Left: eeDAP system components, labeled. Read more here. Right: Screenshot of eeDAP user interface for stromal TIL density data collection)

Learn how to estimate the density of sTILs

Link to original data-collection webinar held 2/19/2020

Review the Informed Consent

Begin Data Collection!

  • Click here to move to the launch point for data collection.

Get Involved: Interested in joining the HTT team? Here is how we need your help:

  • Supply glass slides and their scanned versions
  • Help create a Continuing Medical Education course in conjunction with this project
  • Host an analog (microscope + eeDAP) data collection event at your clinical site
  • Help spread the word, recruit your colleagues to participate in online data collection

Thank you. For more information contact:
Brandon Gallas, PhD, (brandon.gallas@fda.hhs.gov)
FDA/CDRH/OSEL Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability
on behalf of the High-Throughput Truthing (HTT) Project

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