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eeDAP studies: Polling for T-con times and Pathology Informatics Update

First, I hope you are interested and ready for a T-con. Please visit this link to enter your times of availability


Next, if you do nothing else, please make sure I have at least correctly identified the lead of each team at . Of course, I hope everyone will also consider updating their “Team and Objectives” page. Check out those of the “Ready” teams.


Last, I have been on the phone with Ul Balis about the Pathology Informatics conference. He wants the WSI WG meeting at the conference again (Sunday afternoon 5/21/17). We also discussed two additional ways to participate in the main conference. He offered me a presentation slot to discuss this eeDAP studies project and he offered a special poster opportunity. The special poster would include a table and power to set up an eeDAP system in the exhibit hall. I am planning on having my assistant man the table to demo the eeDAP system and organize *data collection* throughout the conference.


I hope all of you can come to the Sunday meeting. I hope some of you are interested in providing an update of your work either during the Sunday meeting or on a poster. I am sticking my neck out big time because I believe in this project.


Please visit the link to enter your times you are available for a T-con as soon as possible. We have a lot to talk about. Also, I am archiving emails at


Brandon D. Gallas, PhD

Center For Devices and Radiological Health
Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Tel: 301-796-2531


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