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  1. Agenda for T-con on 4/18

    Are you ready for the T-con? Agenda: Updates from each group on downloading and test driving eeDAP in digital mode. Update from James Monaco on the Inspirata team protocol (LINK). Can someone review this ahead of time and have feedback ready for the T-con? CSHL? Update from Brandon Gallas...

  2. Minutes and Action Items from T-con 20170403

    I have written some minutes to the last meeting here https://nciphub.org/groups/eedapstudies/wiki/20170403TconAgendaMinutes Only a few people have responded to the T-con invite. Please check your schedule and respond soon so that I can determine how many people will participate.   =Action...

  3. Let's do an eeDAP reader study

    This is the first email to this group. Thanks for your interest in conducting a reader study with eeDAP. This email is for connecting everyone, stating goals, and getting started.   Connecting everyone (introductions): Brandon Gallas, Qi Gong, and Marios Gavrielides:...