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The goal for the NCI Digital Document Management System (DDMS) project is to define the NCI document management service offering to support NCI Divisions, Offices and Centers (DOC’s).   

To accomplish this CBIIT will identify a finite sample of pilot participant organizations from various NCI DOCs to approximate the breadth and diversity of the NCI user community and assess their document management business needs. Requirements will be compared against potential DDMS solutions and matching DDMS platforms will be selected for beta testing by the respective participant organizations. CBIIT will lead the pilot participant organizations through testing, assessment, selection and implementation of a DDMS for each organization.  The project team will synthesize information gathered during the pilot assessments and make a recommendation on tools to be included within the NCI enterprise DDMS service offering. Specific DDMS solutions selected for the pilot organizations may or may not be included in the final NCI enterprise service offering.


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