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Tools to Analyze Morphology and Spatially Mapped Molecular Data

Motivation: Predict treatment outcome, select, monitor treatments; Reduce inter-observer variability in diagnosis; Computer assisted exploration of new classification schemes; Multi-scale cancer simulations


Analysis pipelines for multi-scale, integrative image analysis. Cell, Nuclear Segmentation & Deep Learning
Database infrastructure to manage and query images and Pathomics features.  MongoDB based FeatureDB
HPC software that targets clusters, cloud computing, and leadership scale systems. HPC Region Template infrastructure targeting NSF XSEDE and Titan
Interactive visualization tools to link Pathomics feature and image data; integrate Pathomics image and “omic” data.  caMicroscope, Feature Explorer and 3D Slicer Pathology
Dissemination:  HPC, Containers, Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA), Linked Image/NLP analytics



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