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NWABR Ethics Curriculum Resources

Developed with NIH SEPA funding, these ethics teaching resources include the following units: 
1) Ethics Primer - general background in bioethics, with lesson ideas
2) Bioethics 101 -introduces bioethical principles and decision-making frameworks
3) The Social Nature of Scientific Research - explores how science is a human endeavor, situated within society
4) Animals in Research - explores the ethical use of non-human animals in research 
5) Humans in Research - explores the participation of humans in clinical research trials
6) Stem Cell Research - examines ethical issues related to research with embryonic stem cells
7) HIV Vaccines - engages students in considering scientific and ethical factors related to HIV vaccine development and trials

In addition, two NSF-funded units focused on Bioinformatics contain ethics-focused lessons having to do with genetic testing and genetic research.


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Bioethics Resources

Resources for teaching about Bioethical Issues in general or Research Ethics in particular

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