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Audrey Wellons

How easy is it for external (non-NIH) users to reset an expired password?

I have a few questions about NCIP Hub's requirement that external users change their password every 120 days:

  • Do users still have to do this if they log in with an affiliated institution account or with Google? 
  • If a user gets locked out for failing to change their password, how easy is it for them to reset it? For example, is there a link right on the login page or do they have to retrieve a password-reminder email from their inbox?

Thanks for the help! We had some external collaborators using Sharepoint years ago, but the NIH system for changing passwords every 90 days wasn't very user-friendly--people kept getting frustrated when they were locked out and then didn't want to use the site at all.

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    Chris Mirros

    This is such an informationrmative post and very clearly written.


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