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Video embedding

Is there a way to embed vidoes - mp4 files and Youtube when I upload/share digital assets through the various capabilities/wiki pages?

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    Jonathan Kurianjj

    Yes, there is a way to embed both Youtube videos and mp4/WMP files to the various digital assets you upload to the NCIP Hub.

    To embed Youtube videos, you'll need to use the "embed video" or "Youtube" macro in the content editor. The macros accept a full url or the Youtube video ID:

    • [[Video(]]
    • [[Youtube(FgfGOEpZEOw)]]
    • [[Youtube(]]

    You can directly upload a video file to a Resource by following these steps:

    1) Navigate to a new resource
    2) Under "Abstract/Description" -> "Manage Files" click "Choose File"
    3) After selecting the file from your desktop/file, click "Upload"
    4) Click on the Macro button ( [ ] ) and grab the video macro
    5) Click on "Source" and add the macro and fill in the name of the file
    6) Click "Source" again and you should see the placeholder for your file
    7) Publish the resource and you will see your video

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    Acacia Hary

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