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Juli Klemm

Notes from 12/17/14 Brown Bag discussion of the document

  • What about use of a Creative Commons license? 
    • Wendy: More for text-based resources.  Doesn’t have the necessary disclaimers.
  • Notion of authorship/getting credit.  Should this be in the license?  Or keep attribution separate from the license?
    • License should stipulate that user must acknowledge the author as well as the provider >> Action item for updating the model agreement
  • Security concerns about use of OSS?
  • Use of OSS to stimulate community engagement? How?
  • Important for program staff to think carefully up front about the goals for software distribution when writing the contract. 
  • Postdocs are not gov’t employees.  What sort of agreement should they use?  ERTA, T-42, Visiting Fellow (trainees)
    • Need to look at these agreements and determine what is required/allowable.  Consider an FAQ specific to postdocs.
  • 18F – gov’t organization dealing with these issues.  Consider engaging with them on this topic.
  • Need to tighten collaboration with the tech transfer office

Next step goal: NIH bioinformatics interest group

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