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Brandon D. Gallas

Can I upload private and sensitive data to a project or group?

When I created a project, there was a disclaimer like paragraph that I had to accept related to sensitive data. Now that the project is created, I wanted to review that paragraph, but cannot find it.

Can you please answer with that paragraph?

Can you provide a link to that disclaimer in the project info page?

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    Patrick Mulligan

    There are two prompts that you must agree to before creating a project:

    The Privacy policy, found at: https://nciphub.org/legal/privacy

    As well as an agreement that the project would not be used for sensitive data:

    “No, this project will not include any sensitive or restricted data such as HIPAA protected health information (PHI) or student information. I understand that this site cannot be used to store government restricted, export-controlled, or proprietary company data (without permission). “

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