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Ishwar Chandramouliswaran

Want to learn all about tool development?

Can you provide pointers to tutorials on how to upload tools as well use the available tool kits in the Hub.

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    Ishwar Chandramouliswaran

    NCIP Hub relies on its user community to upload tools and is configured to allow any user to upload a tool. The process starts with a particular user filling out a web form to register his/her intent to submit a tool. This tells the NCIP Hub administrators to create a new project area for the tool. The user then uploads code into a Subversion source code repository, and develops the code within a workspace. The user can work alone or with a team of other users. When the tool is ready for testing, NCIP Hub administrators will install the tool and ask the development team to approve it. The last step, if everything looks good is to move the tool to the “published” state. Of course, a tool can be improved even after it is published, and re-installed, approved, and published over and over again!

    Detailed documentation is available at

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